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Harnessing The Power of Games

For Teaching

K-10 Segment

EdGa classes are online game-based Live classes. Designed for Kids by Gamers and Educators.

Hey there! Thinking about using our Game-based online classes? Or deciding which platform to use for the first time?

If you're wondering about what is EdGa or how it works then we have put this easy and no-nonsense overview for you.

Gamifying Education like never before

Increase your learning efficiency in a great way. With our games and scenarios, learn different topics with ease. Lessons are presented like missions where you need to learn in order to win.

Learn Different topics with real-world example

Kids will learn different topics of their syllabus with real-world examples. The kid will first learn about the topic and then move towards the application part.

Apply your Lessons inside the game

Your decision inside the game will make all the difference. Learn different topics and concepts while testing their real-life usage inside the game.

What is our Approach?

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Prices and Classes

For classes up to 10th

5 Person Batch each class

₹ 2500 per month

3 Classes Weekly

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