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EdGa Classes


live classes combined with strategy game for kids

Weekly, 4 hour classes and simulation where kids will form kingdoms and take on others  based on their projects and assignments inside the live game.


Work in Teams

You will work in team which will represent an empire inside the game. Your Team will work with the teacher to solve problems and learn.

Test your Thesis

There are no rules how you will approach the problem.You can use any method or strategy whichever you like. Your strategy will be reflected inside the game.

Innovate Inside Game

This is the best part. Your in game empire will be upgraded based on your assignments and your ability to apply your learning inside the game.

Expand your Empire

Your team will compete with other teams throughout the Indian subcontinent. Your aim is to expand your empire as far as possible by conquering more states and defeat others.

Implement Your Knowledge Inside The Game


Create Specific weapons for your Kingdom

Implement knowledge of Physics, Maths and geography to create weapon designs for your army. The teacher will rate the effectiveness of the submitted projected to provide hit point, health and range of the weapon inside the game.
Each kingdom can get their own weapons in the game whose effectiveness is decided by teacher. 

The More you study, the more powerful your kingdom becomes!

Learn the Art of Diplomacy, Leadership and Communication

Deal with your teammates and your competitors alike.  Learn to make a strategy and test your thesis inside the game. Learn tactics which can range from Sun Tzu's Art of war to Kautilya's Arthashastra in order to strengthen your kingdom. Your Aim is to spread your empire.

Embrace the Learning

Undertake and Learn projects related to Maths, Science, Social science and general knowledge. Learn topics while implementing them weekly inside the game. Increase your soldier's health while learning biology or increase their armor ability by learning about Materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

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