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EdGa Live Classes

Welcome to New way of learning. EdGa live classes are combined version of Education and Gaming together. Join us on epic journey of creating your empire based on your knowledge in this RTS game.

Future Awaits!!

MAKTH: The Lost City

Enjoy one of the most outstanding Indian myth-based horror games!
Make your way out of the dungeon of terrors, if you are brave enough. Brace yourselves! Because the adventure doesn't stop there, as later you have to face the true evil - the demons lurking in the canyons. Are you ready?

Component 68 – 1_edited.png

TOPH:The Canon ship

Sail your Canon ship as long as you can in this adventurous game while destroying enemy ships, bridges and huge Sea creatures. Make your way through the dangerous canal where obstacles are present in order to sink you!

So get ready and set your Sail!!

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