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How we Started!

Due to the recent lockdown in April 2020, we were forced to sit at home and follow the rigorous procedures to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus in India. During that time, movie streaming and online gaming were only two options left for us to spend the time.

But soon we realize that we can’t sit idle like that and decided to do something cool with our time and making a game while you sit at home in one of the coolest things you can do, isn’t it? But there was a very small problem in front of us that we were a team of Noobs with very low experience(especially the designing team). But we decided to do it anyway. Even Richard Branson has said-

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later! “

So we started the journey of developing a horror-based game for mobile while having very little idea about the process of game development.

We are a team of 5 people in this game development. All 5 of us were forced to work from home due to harsh lockdown and this creates a new set of problems for us as the decision-making time increased like anything and more time is required to solve different problems.

The main idea behind creating Eclipse Play was to develop Games based on Indian History and culture. Indian history and culture are very rich, ranging from Chola’s Dynasty to Pandaya’s Dynasty, from Gupta’s dynasty to Rashtrakula Dynasty.

Indian history has so much to offer. Games based on Indian history will be loved by everyone throughout the world due to its richness.

For us, gaming is not only about time pass but rather about immersing ourselves in a different world, where we will feel the true emotion behind the character and play through the character's eyes. Game is not about just shooting your enemy into the head but it should also be about the reason to shoot your enemy in the first place. It’s about living another person's life and go through the same things which the character is going through in the game.

For now, we are precisely focused on developing mobile-based horror games as the feel of horror takes our body in a state of alertness and focus, which will start an adrenaline rush in the brain making us feel good afterward. The horror game genre cannot get old anytime soon as people love horror elements very much. People will pay money, to get scared in the movie theatre while watching a horror movie and eating popcorn while drinking a cold drink in their comfy seats.

We will soon shift to the PC game market after creating few games for mobile as it will sharp our game development skill and then we can go for a bigger target i.e. PC gaming as it will provide us with the chance to work with extreme graphics and better gameplay experience.

We will make Eclipse Play one of the biggest gaming companies in the world one day for sure. Until then, we will continuously work to create mind-blowing games for you all!

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