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Indian Gamers

Let’s get back to the time of the 2000s when the Indian gaming industry bought several consoles and PC gaming for the middle-income group Indians. During the late 2000s, the Indian gaming industry was largely in a form of social games. But with a rise in internet penetration and an increase in the Smartphone user base, the gaming industry also started to receive an enormous amount to gamers. The online gaming market realizes that the Indian gaming market is rising at an impressive volume.

As compared to the international market, the Indian market is diverse and the consumption pattern differs from the rest of the world. In 2020, according to a survey, the average age of Indian gamers is 24 years and the Indian gaming industry is expected to rise by about 90 billion rupees and this will go up to 143 billion rupees in 2022. As the industry is evolving at a great speed, the experts predicted it will create over 40 thousand jobs across the nation by 2022.

During the nationwide lockdown, as people are staying in their home and getting bored, they started to move towards games. From taboo to mainstream reorganization, online gamers are growing at an exponential rate worth $1.1 billion in 2021.

Indian gamers play a vital role in promoting gaming and spreading awareness about new games in the industry. As we all know that Indian gaming industry will continue to grow and in the coming years it will become a career choice for some people. Nowadays the Indian gamers also stream live their gameplay on platforms like YouTube. The top Indian gamers are also very much famous for their live streaming, and many of them also gain cash backs from various applications through great playing. But before looking into that, there is another platform also which helped a lot to gain momentum in the Indian gaming industry, Esports.

The domestic Esports scene is one of the fastest-growing hubs in the world. There are several events that happen globally and players also earn a tremendous amount by participating and playing great in the event. Here is the list of the top 5 highest earns in the Esports scene.

1. ACE

Tejas Sawant, also known as “ACE” is the best counter-strike player in the country and had made waves in Southeast Asia during an event. He is from Thane and has played for several teams, but he is mostly known for his performance at ESL One: Cologne 2014. Till now he has earned a total prize of approximately $15,000 and he is also be counted as India’s 5th highest earner.

2. Exacli

He is a professional CSS Go player and has played several events with his respective team. His team is Team Entity, and he is been playing with them since 2018 and never looked back. Hi, steam has won several tournaments in India like ESL India Premiership and Mountain Dew Arena and it is projected that his total earning is approximately $16,500.

3. BlizzarD

He is a professional DOTA2 player from India who currently plays for Global Esports. He came into this field in 2016 and has made rapid progress. Now let’s look at him some achievements. He is 6 times ESL India Premiership winner and his total earning stands around $25,000. After winning the ESL continuously 6 times, many big gaming companies also hire him for testing their game.

4. Mortal and Viper

They both are from Team Soul and team Soul is among the best PUBG mobile squad in India. They also won the PUBG mobile Club Open and earned $60,000 from the tournament. Then, the 12th finish in PUBG Mobile Club Open—Spring Split Global Finals meant Team Soul has earned $65,500, $15,625 for each team member, Mortal, Owais, Ronak, and Viper and they also come 2nd in PUBG mobile Club Open–Fall Split: South Asia. Mortal and viper are the highest earning Indian gamer with $38,000 each.

There are many YouTubers also whom you should follow to stay ahead in the gaming community. So, let’s explore some of the most exhaustive Indian gamers on YouTube.

5. Dynamo Gaming

Aditya Sawant urff “Dynamo”, he is famous for its streaming of games like PUBG, GTA, DOTA2, BF1, BF4 and many other. He is from Mumbai and uploads videos daily and he is the most loved gaming YouTuber.

6. Carryislive

Ajey Nagar, famously known as “CarryMinati”. He transformed online gaming by streaming live videos of his gameplay. He was one of the first ones to start this trend of streaming while playing, and then other YouTubers followed him.

7. Beast Boy Shub

He is a unique gaming streamer; he makes the video by playing games and during his streaming, he also entertains his audience by making funny comments and sayings funny jokes. He also uploads his videos often and quite popular in the YouTube Community.

8. Hindustan Gamer

He is the Indian version of PewDiePie, and he is very hilarious. The audience really enjoys his commentary while playing the game. He entertains the audience in Urdu and in Punjabi language and the audience love him for that reason.

There are many more gaming YouTubers, but here are some honourable mentions:-

Sunil Gamer, Software Hindi, King An Bru, Game Xpro, Sikh Warrior, Legend X, Desy Army and many more.

Globally, there are thousands of players who earn their living by playing games. Some of them are so successful that they even earn millions for just testing the game or streaming the game on their YouTube Channel. This Industry is not only creating jobs for thousands of people but also making it a career option for some and believe it or not, but the coming future of gamers and the gaming industry is bright. The most import skills required in this field are passion and creativity level. This platform is available for everybody and anyone can try it because Game Art professionals are in great demand in the international market.

Steam, a popular gaming platform; has released a documentary on professional gaming and I think everybody should watch it before choosing it as a career path because Professional gaming is not everybody’s cup of tea in general.

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