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Possibility of Gaming during dreaming

“What are you saying, Dude?? Do you mean to say that we can play games while sleeping? Are you insane? It’s not possible!”

I am quite sure that most of you are thinking about this. We all know how absurd it sounds when someone says that in future we can play games while sleeping. Hear me out, we have got such technology present today which can make it quite possible in upcoming years.

“But how? We cannot even remember more than 50% of our dream and we forget even that 50% too after waking up. If you even able to make us remember our dream then how will you make sure that we can play the game in our dream? ”

It is possible. The answer to this question lies in term Hypnagogia. In laymen terms, it is a state between wakefulness and sleep. The exact state of our mind before we sleep. At this point, our creativity is at a peak. Here is one very great fact, we don’t see a dream during our dream sleep. We only see dreams when our sleep is not deep enough.

To play and control our gameplay during sleep, we need to utilise this state of mind which is known as Hypnagogia.

“Do you have any proof of this mechanism or just daydreaming”?

Fortunately, we have a proof of this concept. Dormio system and Lucid dreamer are two of the companies which are working on controlling your dreams via their technology. The technology on which they are working is one of its kind and this tech will surely act as a base for the future development of the dream gaming concept. Both of these companies have proven technology which can control your dream stage via sound and light pulses.

How does this technology work?

Famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was known to use the technique of Hypnagogia to get creative ideas regarding his invention. He used to hold the metal ball and then try to get sleepy while thinking about his problem. When he finally sleeps then his metal ball loose from his hands and hit the ground, making him awake. In that state, he writes the solution to his problem.

Both of these companies use a simple mechanism to control your sleep or help you achieve the state of lucid dreaming in which the person can control his dream as he wants. To influence user dream, they use basic 3 steps procedure i.e.

  1. Sense and Track user sleep state- In these steps, the device will observe user sleep stage and will send the data to the speaker or light-emitting device. This step is very necessary as the user needs to achieve the Hypnagogia or sleepy state. Dormio system uses gloves for this purpose. Their smart gloves will sense the user pulse rate and other things to determine the person sleeping stage.

  2. Use sound and light patterns to influence the person subconscious mind with words like Car, Dog, spaceship. Saying those words in a state of Hypnagogia or lucid dreaming will show these objects to the user in his dream. The mind in the lucid dreaming state is very alert and creative. The mind will show the result according to words spoken by machine. So the user can fly in an aeroplane or meet his or her, romantic partner while dreaming.

  3. Dive into your imagination- Both of these processes will make sure that the person is in a constant state of lucid dreaming and then the user can control his dream according to his will. In this way, the person can program his dream according to his or her wish.

These 3 steps are the most basic mechanism behind the working of dream manipulating devices created by both of these companies which we mentioned above. This technology is in its early stages as many kinds of research are going around the world about our mind working state during the dreaming process. Now you may ask how we can play games in our dream by using these devices which only manipulate our dreams using sound and light. How we will integrate gameplay in this dream sequence which is manipulated by these devices?

How can we play the game in our dreams

Any person who goes through Lucid dreaming knows very well that her can control his dream according to his wish or his will. He can be Spiderman or Superman or Run like Usain bolt through the cloud while fighting monsters. In short during lucid dreaming, we can do anything if we know that we are seeing a dream.

In some sense, we can program the device in such a way which will give us command related to our environment and task we need to complete. This will send a message to our subconscious mind regarding the situation it needs to create during a dream. Let’s take an example of this,

We have achieved the Hypnagogia state during our sleep cycle. Now the speaker will play words like Jungle, wild animals, demons etc for a minute or two. This will create an environment in which we are in the jungle with wild animals and demons in it. After that, the device will say words like fighting, running etc. This will create the second sequence in our dream which will provide information to our brain about the task which we need to complete in dreams.


Just like that process, we can create different scenarios in our mind and complete the different task in that dream. No matter what we want to see or experience, we can simply create it inside our mind play through that scenario like a real-life game. We can charge with a cavalry against infantry formation on the paddy field of Poland or become iron men and defeat any villain which we want. We can fly like supermen or run like Flash. And you know, what’s the best part in it? The answer is “Reality”! That’s right guys. Playing the game during dreaming will feel like real life and hence the feeling during gameplay will be tremendous for the player. The player will immerse in the gameplay like anything while do and feel whatever he wants to do. There will be no limits to one’s imagination!!

The future will be truly marvellous for sure.

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