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“Scary” or “Horror” is one of the hottest topics of the gaming industry for a long time. The quest for getting scared while sitting in the comfort of our room is something that is desired by most of us. Horror movies, Horror games or Horror stories are something that will give you Goosebumps as well as a boost of endorphins hormones inside your body.

So in this article, we will see the list of horror games that are present on android app platforms for its mobile user base. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 scariest games according to us which will make sure that you will get your daily dose of endorphins.

1. Dead Trigger 2-

Price- Free to Play

Dead Trigger 2 continues its legacy of the super hit game “Dead Trigger”. The game is based on the post-apocalypse world of zombies where you need to fight against zombies by using different types of guns and weapons. In this awesome FPS(First Person Shooter) game, the player needs to fight zombies on different levels while keeping himself alive. The game has more than 110 million downloads which is quite a big feat for mobile games. This game has more than 600 gameplay war scenario and more than 70 types of gun in its arsenal.

2. Eyes: Scary Thriller- Creepy Horror Game

Price- Free to Play

Eyes: Scary Thriller is an FPS horror game published by “FEARLESS GAMES PURECKA & PABIS SPÓŁKA JAWNA”. The game story is based in a mansion where you break-in. The mansion is built like a puzzle where you need to navigate while unlocking different levels but it’s not that easy as a monster is behind you while you are going through this mysterious mansion. You can also use mystical eye runes present in-game to see through monster eyes and know its location.

3. MAKTH- Prologue

Price- Free to Play

MAKTH- Prologue is free to play horror FPS game available on android. The game is launched recently and looks promising. The game is developed by an Indian gaming studio known as Eclipse Play Studio. The game is inspired by Indian mythological tales of Devas and Asuras. The player plays the role of an archaeologist whose sole purpose is to find the Ancient city of Makth which is hidden in the Himalayan mountain region. The path which leads to the city of Makth is guarded by monsters whose sole purpose is to kill any intruder who tries to enter their domain.

The game has 3 levels and is a story-based game. You need to find your way to the ancient city without getting killed by demons.

4. Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape

Price- Free to Play

Siren Head Game: Haunted House Escape is an FPS horror game developed by Ingenious game. The game monster is a very unique monster and its name is Siren Head(Unique name too). In this game, you need to crack in-game puzzles while finding a way to get out of this damned place alive with your friend.

The monster Siren Head is always on the lookout to kill you. You need to avoid him while finding a way out of this place without being killed.

5. CASE: Animatronics-

Price- Free to Play

CASE: Animatronics is a mobile-based FPS game developed by “OOO VALNAT”. In this game, you play as Detective Bishop. Someone has cut the electricity supply to your police precinct. Not only that, a mysterious metallic thing is behind you and wants to kill you. You need to avoid it while trying to find a way out and hiding when that mysterious thing comes near to you.

Game graphics are good and its horror element will keep you alert throughout the game. Always listen for metallic footstep near you when finding your way out from your precinct.

6. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Price- Free to Play

Friday the 13th is a horror puzzle game which is developed by Blue Wizard Digital Inc. You play as an iconic killer Jason Voorhees in this puzzle game. You need to slay campers who are hiding from you throughout the map. It has more than 100 free puzzle levels. You can use R rated or PG-rated killing scenes in this game. You can play this game completely offline without the need for an internet connection easily.

7. Slenderman Origins 1 Lost kid-

Price- Free to Play

One of the best Slendergame present on the android platform. Slenderman Origins 1 lost kid is developed by Bizgur games. In this game, the game mechanics and game environment are some of the best of all slender man games. The players need to complete tasks while avoiding the slender man in this First-person game where the user will get four different atmospheric locations to play.

8. Dungeon Nightmares

Price- Free to Play

Dungeon nightmares is a First-person mobile game developed by “K monkey”. The game follows the story where the main characters get a nightmare whenever he goes to sleep. The character needs to unveil the mystery behind his nightmare. The game takes place inside the dungeon where you needs to play. The game is great to play as its jump scares are quite good. The game is available in paid mode too on the play store.

9. Granny-

Price- Free to Play

Granny is one of the most classic horror game present on android. The game is quite old but still, it’s scary to play. This has a different part and inspired others to make a knock off copy of it by different names. The game's graphics are very low but its gameplay is pretty solid in terms of horror element. It’s a first-person game where the player has got 5 chances to get off a house where a scary granny lives. The granny can listen to noises created by you and attack you. You need to be on your alert while finding a way out of the house.

10. Evil Nun- Scary Horror game

Price- Free to Play

Evil nun is a first-person game developed by “Keplerians Horror Games” and available on the android play store. The game is inspired by the Granny game but it’s fun to play. In this game, a mysterious nun guards a school where you need to free up hostages while avoiding the evil nun. The nun can hear your voices so beware of it and keep on your guard while playing the game.


All these games are free to play and fun to play. Despite low graphics in most of these games, the gameplay is quite solid in all of these games.

Mobile gaming is evolving each day and developers are pushing the limits to get out the most from limited mobile processor while not consuming battery rapidly from mobile. The future of Horror games is very bright thanks to evolving technology.

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